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EPS beads are most often small white foam beads, that are used within the filling of bean bag chairs, the EPS stands for Expanded Polystyrene which exactly what the beads are, small bits of polystyrene which can be expanded.. These beads are tiny, white beads which are circular in form and are squishable but retain their shape even after they\’re squished. It is these qualities that makes this small foam filler nice at absorbing force. Polystyrene may also function a terrific insulator, this makes EPS beads nice at regulating temperature.

This fantastic materials has many other makes use of, apart from being expanded, Polystyrene could be made into almost any shape and used for a wide range of products akin to foam lunch trays and even disposable espresso cups. There are so many widespread merchandise used on the earth which can be constituted of EPS, even although there are a lot of other uses, EPS beads are one of many main makes use of for expanded polystyrene.

Part of the reason that EPS beads are so popular is as a result of there are so many makes use of for them besides simply filling beanbag chairs. They will also be used for packaging purposes. They work for this utility because they can not solely with stand and influence to the bundle but assist to regulate a consistent temperature. These are each nice functions and are why EPS beads are so generally used on this day and age.

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If you are thinking of constructing a bean bag or sending a bundle then you want to have some EPS beads as these are important for these purposes. This is because of the advantages that they supply and the uses that they offer.

If you\’ve gotten ever opened a package deal and had tiny little beans fly out from it then you will know what these beans are. Despite this you\’ll nonetheless wish to use EPS bean bag beans as a result of they\’re cheap and easy to search out at plenty of totally different stores. You may recycle EPS beans, so in the event you receive a bundle with these sorts of beans in them then you should retailer them and keep them for future use in order that you don\’t want to waste money or time on shopping for anymore EPS beads.

It is a good suggestion to buy a bag of EPS beads if you have a bean bag, just encase your bean bag develops a tear or gap and loses a few of its beans. This will let you take pleasure in your bean bag chair without and issues.

As you can see, EPS beads are an incredible product and are very versatile. They offer many uses and can be utilized as beans for filling for bean luggage or even as filling for packaging of products which can be being. transported, in order that they do not get damaged.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

A team of eight transplant surgeons in Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, USA, led by reconstructive surgeon Dr. Maria Siemionow, age 58, have successfully performed the first almost total face transplant in the US, and the fourth globally, on a woman so horribly disfigured due to trauma, that cost her an eye. Two weeks ago Dr. Siemionow, in a 23-hour marathon surgery, replaced 80 percent of her face, by transplanting or grafting bone, nerve, blood vessels, muscles and skin harvested from a female donor’s cadaver.

The Clinic surgeons, in Wednesday’s news conference, described the details of the transplant but upon request, the team did not publish her name, age and cause of injury nor the donor’s identity. The patient’s family desired the reason for her transplant to remain confidential. The Los Angeles Times reported that the patient “had no upper jaw, nose, cheeks or lower eyelids and was unable to eat, talk, smile, smell or breathe on her own.” The clinic’s dermatology and plastic surgery chair, Francis Papay, described the nine hours phase of the procedure: “We transferred the skin, all the facial muscles in the upper face and mid-face, the upper lip, all of the nose, most of the sinuses around the nose, the upper jaw including the teeth, the facial nerve.” Thereafter, another team spent three hours sewing the woman’s blood vessels to that of the donor’s face to restore blood circulation, making the graft a success.

The New York Times reported that “three partial face transplants have been performed since 2005, two in France and one in China, all using facial tissue from a dead donor with permission from their families.” “Only the forehead, upper eyelids, lower lip, lower teeth and jaw are hers, the rest of her face comes from a cadaver; she could not eat on her own or breathe without a hole in her windpipe. About 77 square inches of tissue were transplanted from the donor,” it further described the details of the medical marvel. The patient, however, must take lifetime immunosuppressive drugs, also called antirejection drugs, which do not guarantee success. The transplant team said that in case of failure, it would replace the part with a skin graft taken from her own body.

Dr. Bohdan Pomahac, a Brigham and Women’s Hospital surgeon praised the recent medical development. “There are patients who can benefit tremendously from this. It’s great that it happened,” he said.

Leading bioethicist Arthur Caplan of the University of Pennsylvania withheld judgment on the Cleveland transplant amid grave concerns on the post-operation results. “The biggest ethical problem is dealing with failure — if your face rejects. It would be a living hell. If your face is falling off and you can’t eat and you can’t breathe and you’re suffering in a terrible manner that can’t be reversed, you need to put on the table assistance in dying. There are patients who can benefit tremendously from this. It’s great that it happened,” he said.

Dr Alex Clarke, of the Royal Free Hospital had praised the Clinic for its contribution to medicine. “It is a real step forward for people who have severe disfigurement and this operation has been done by a team who have really prepared and worked towards this for a number of years. These transplants have proven that the technical difficulties can be overcome and psychologically the patients are doing well. They have all have reacted positively and have begun to do things they were not able to before. All the things people thought were barriers to this kind of operations have been overcome,” she said.

The first partial face transplant surgery on a living human was performed on Isabelle Dinoire on November 27 2005, when she was 38, by Professor Bernard Devauchelle, assisted by Professor Jean-Michel Dubernard in Amiens, France. Her Labrador dog mauled her in May 2005. A triangle of face tissue including the nose and mouth was taken from a brain-dead female donor and grafted onto the patient. Scientists elsewhere have performed scalp and ear transplants. However, the claim is the first for a mouth and nose transplant. Experts say the mouth and nose are the most difficult parts of the face to transplant.

In 2004, the same Cleveland Clinic, became the first institution to approve this surgery and test it on cadavers. In October 2006, surgeon Peter Butler at London‘s Royal Free Hospital in the UK was given permission by the NHS ethics board to carry out a full face transplant. His team will select four adult patients (children cannot be selected due to concerns over consent), with operations being carried out at six month intervals. In March 2008, the treatment of 30-year-old neurofibromatosis victim Pascal Coler of France ended after having received what his doctors call the worlds first successful full face transplant.

Ethical concerns, psychological impact, problems relating to immunosuppression and consequences of technical failure have prevented teams from performing face transplant operations in the past, even though it has been technically possible to carry out such procedures for years.

Mr Iain Hutchison, of Barts and the London Hospital, warned of several problems with face transplants, such as blood vessels in the donated tissue clotting and immunosuppressants failing or increasing the patient’s risk of cancer. He also pointed out ethical issues with the fact that the procedure requires a “beating heart donor”. The transplant is carried out while the donor is brain dead, but still alive by use of a ventilator.

According to Stephen Wigmore, chair of British Transplantation Society’s ethics committee, it is unknown to what extent facial expressions will function in the long term. He said that it is not certain whether a patient could be left worse off in the case of a face transplant failing.

Mr Michael Earley, a member of the Royal College of Surgeon‘s facial transplantation working party, commented that if successful, the transplant would be “a major breakthrough in facial reconstruction” and “a major step forward for the facially disfigured.”

In Wednesday’s conference, Siemionow said “we know that there are so many patients there in their homes where they are hiding from society because they are afraid to walk to the grocery stores, they are afraid to go the the street.” “Our patient was called names and was humiliated. We very much hope that for this very special group of patients there is a hope that someday they will be able to go comfortably from their houses and enjoy the things we take for granted,” she added.

In response to the medical breakthrough, a British medical group led by Royal Free Hospital’s lead surgeon Dr Peter Butler, said they will finish the world’s first full face transplant within a year. “We hope to make an announcement about a full-face operation in the next 12 months. This latest operation shows how facial transplantation can help a particular group of the most severely facially injured people. These are people who would otherwise live a terrible twilight life, shut away from public gaze,” he said.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

The inflation rate in Ireland, as measured by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), edged upwards to hit a five month high in May at 2.4%. This represents a 0.2% rise on the previous month when the rate stood at 2.2%.

The major contributors to the rise were increased transportation, healthcare, and education costs. In April the EU25 average rate of inflation was 2.1%, with Latvia having the highest rate at 7.1% and Sweden the lowest at 0.4%.

Despite the increase in the rate, Irish inflation remains very low – having hit 7% during 2000 and remaining around the 5% until the beginning of 2003. Another major factor easing any worries about the increase is Ireland’s very strong GDP growth – expected to be around 5.5% this year

On an annual basis the cost of footwear and clothing have fallen by 2.7% whilst energy costs have soared by 10.4%. The cost of food, furniture, and communications also fell over the last 12 months.

The Consumer Price Index is made up of over 55,000 prices consisting of 613 headings which cover over 1,000 different items.

The Variety of Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms


Groshan Fabiola

Multiple sclerosis is a complex disorder of the nervous system which can generate a wide range of symptoms, varying in intensity and duration. Each patient s experience with multiple sclerosis is different and symptoms are perceived differently from a person to another. Multiple sclerosis can involve visual, sensory and motor symptoms, depending on the body systems which are affected by the disease. In more advanced stages of progression, multiple sclerosis can also determine dysfunctions of the internal organs, often causing impairments of the kidneys, lungs and heart. In the absence of the specific medical treatment or in case of late medical intervention, multiple sclerosis can cause permanent disability or even death.

Multiple sclerosis is a very intriguing disorder of the CNS (central nervous system), encompassing multiple patterns of progression. While persons with slow progressing multiple sclerosis may perceive symptoms at low intensities or even have no symptoms at all, persons with fast progressing forms of the disease may be confronted with very intense symptoms and may be at risk of developing severe, life-threatening complications.

Due to the fact that multiple sclerosis primarily affects the central nervous system, the first symptoms experienced by patients are of sensorial or cognitive nature. Some of the first symptoms that occur in persons with multiple sclerosis are decreased visual acuity, blurred vision, double vision or difficulty in distinguishing colors. In addition, the tissues around the eye may become inflamed and painful; some patients may experience intense pain and discomfort when moving their eyes.

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Most of these symptoms occur due to optic neuritis, condition often associated with multiple sclerosis. When the condition is timely discovered and patients receive the appropriate medical treatment, most visual symptoms can be completely eliminated within weeks. However, in the absence of medical treatment, patients may remain with permanent visual defects. In some cases, unattended visual symptoms of multiple sclerosis can even lead to permanent blindness.

When multiple sclerosis affects the cerebellum (the area of the brain responsible for motor function and balance), the results are poorly coordinated movements and difficulty to maintain balance. Sometimes patients may experience difficulty walking and performing various activities that require precise, properly coordinated movements.

When it affects other areas of the brain, multiple sclerosis can generate symptoms such as hearing loss, dizziness and vertigo. Patients with multiple sclerosis may also suffer from decreased judgment, inability to concentrate, short-term memory loss, states of mental confusion and pronounced difficulty in expressing themselves in speech.

Symptoms such as muscular weakness, numbness and pain, as well as decreased or increased sensitivity to heat or light stimuli are possible signs that multiple sclerosis has also reached the peripheral regions of the nervous system. At this stage, patients may also suffer from bladder or kidney dysfunctions, liver dysfunctions and impairments of the gastrointestinal tract. Internal organs such as the liver, lungs and heart may also be involved in advanced stages of multiple sclerosis.

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The Variety of Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 

Acting teacher and director Milton Katselas died Friday at age 75, after suffering from heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. He began the Beverly Hills Playhouse in 1978 and taught acting classes there to noted actors including George Clooney and Gene Hackman. Katselas is survived by a sister and two brothers.

Katselas directed an off-Broadway production of Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story, and received a Tony Award nomination for his 1969 direction of Butterflies are Free. Actress Blythe Danner won a Tony Award for her role in Butterflies are Free under Katselas’ direction. He moved to California to direct the film version of that play, and went on to direct films and television movies. Actress Eileen Heckart received an Academy Award for her role in the film version of Butterflies are Free.

Katselas directed the San Francisco and Los Angeles productions of the play P.S. Your Cat Is Dead! by playwright James Kirkwood, Jr. In his author’s notes in the publication of the script, Kirkwood acknowledged Katselas, and wrote that the plays were “directed with incredible energy and enthusiasm by Milton Katselas, to whom I am extremely indebted”.

Katselas directed the television movie Strangers: Story of a Mother and Daughter, and actress Bette Davis received an Emmy Award for her role in the movie. Katselas taught many famous actors including Michelle Pfeiffer, Richard Gere, Robert Duvall, Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, Goldie Hawn, Christopher Walken, Burt Reynolds, George C. Scott, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Alec Baldwin, and Patrick Swayze. Katselas was credited with being able to nurture actors with raw talent so that they could develop strong Hollywood careers. He utilized innovative techniques in his courses – one course called “Terrorist Theatre” had a simple premise: successfully get an acting role within six weeks or leave the course.

He grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to parents who had immigrated from Greece, and graduated from Carnegie Mellon. He studied acting with Lee Strasberg in New York at the Actors Studio, and received advice from directors Joshua Logan and Elia Kazan.

Katselas was a prominent Scientologist, and a July 2007 profile on Katselas in The New York Times Magazine observed that some of his students stopped taking courses at the Beverly Hills Playhouse because they felt they had been pressured to join the Church of Scientology. According to the article, Katselas credited Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard “for much of his success in life”, and one of his students works at Scientology’s Celebrity Centre. The article commented that some in Los Angeles view the Beverly Hills Playhouse as “a recruitment center for Scientology”.

Katselas met L. Ron Hubbard after moving to California, and began studying Scientology in 1965. The New York Times Magazine reported that he had reached the level of “Operating Thetan, Level 5, or O.T. V.” in 2007. According to The New York Times Magazine when Scientologists proceed up the “The Bridge to Total Freedom” they learn the story of Xenu, and that: “75 million years ago the evil alien Xenu solved galactic overpopulation by dumping 13.5 trillion beings in volcanoes on Earth, where they were vaporized, scattering their souls.” A Church of Scientology publication, Source, lists Katselas as reaching O.T. V. in 1989.

Though some actors felt pressured to join the Church of Scientology after taking courses at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, at least one individual felt Katselas was not active enough with the organization. Actress Jenna Elfman left the Beverly Hills Playhouse because she felt Katselas was not committed enough to Scientology. Katselas had previously directed Elfman in half of Visions and Lovers: Variations on a Theme, two one-act plays about relationships that he had written himself. In 1999 Katselas had planned to adapt the script of Visions and Lovers to a film version, and Elfman was set to reprise her role from the play. In an article in Variety about the project, Elfman commented on her experience working with Katselas: “He is brilliant, and knows me so well as a person and an actress that he gets the most out of me.”

Other prominent Scientologist actors who have studied under Katselas include Giovanni Ribisi, Jason Lee, and Leah Remini. According to Rolling Stone, Katselas also recruited actress Kelly Preston to Scientology. Actress Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson), told Scientology publication Celebrity that Katselas motivated her to get more active in Scientology, and she stated she took the organization’s “Purification Rundown” and her life “took off completely”.

Anne Archer was introduced to Scientology while studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, as was former Scientologist and now outspoken critic actor Jason Beghe. Beghe told Roger Friedman of FOX News in April 2008 that “He [Katselas] gets kickbacks”, and that he was brought to a Scientology center by fellow Beverly Hills Playhouse classmate Bodhi Elfman, Jenna Elfman’s husband. In a 1998 article for Buzz Magazine, Randye Hoder wrote “In his class, Katselas is careful not to label anything as a tenet of Scientology, but there is no question that the church’s influence seeps into the playhouse.”

Anne Archer’s husband and fellow Scientologist, producer Terry Jastrow, commented to The New York Times Magazine that Katselas changed the way he experiences life on a day-to-day basis: “I go out in the world and look at human behavior now. I see a woman or man interacting with a saleslady, and I see the artistry in it. Life is an endless unspooling of art, of acting, of painting, of architecture. And where did I learn that? From Milton.”

Actor Anthony Head of Buffy the Vampire Slayer spoke highly of Katselas in a 2002 interview with San Francisco Chronicle: “He’s this wonderfully intuitive teacher and his premise is basically: The only real barriers are the ones we put in front of ourselves. If you say, ‘My character wouldn’t do that’ — bollocks! Ultimately it’s you who wouldn’t say that. Who knows what your character might do.” In the acknowledgements of her 2004 autobiography Are You Hungry, Dear?: Life, Laughs, and Lasagna, actress Doris Roberts wrote: “I thank my friend and acting teacher, the incredible Milton Katselas, for his insights, wisdom, and inspiration, which have helped make me the actress that I am.”

Katselas authored two books: Dreams Into Action: Getting What You Want, first published in 1996 by Dove Books, and Acting Class: Take a Seat, which came out earlier this month. Dreams Into Action, a New York Times Bestseller, sought to modify motivational acting exercises to the field of business.

In an interview in the 2007 book Acting Teachers of America, Katselas commented on his experiences as an acting teacher over the years: “I have very special teachers here at the Beverly Hills Playhouse—some have been with me for over twenty-five years. I believe that to make a difference over the long haul, we need to train teachers. I really care about the craft of acting. It’s absolutely necessary to take the time and patience to really develop an actor.”

Saturday, December 12, 2015 

On Wednesday, German football club Bayern Munich defeated Croatian football club Dinamo Zagreb in a UEFA Champions League group stage match played Stadion Maksimir, Zagreb.

Bayern had a greater ball possession. The match saw three yellow cards, all for the home side. A total of 16 fouls were committed in the match. Zagreb defender Gonçalo Santos was the first man to be booked for committing a foul on Lewandowski in the 31st minute and Munich won a free kick. Xabi Alonso took the kick but it was just wide. First half ended in 0–0.

In the second half, Thomas Müller was substituted in for Franck Ribéry in the 47th minute. Later, in the 61th minute, Thomas Müller assisted Robert Lewandowski and he scored a header, making it 1–0 lead for the visitors. Lewandowski doubled the lead in the 64th minute, assisted by Sebastian Rode.

Josip Pivari? was yellow carded in the 73th minute. In the 87th minute, Eduardo Carvalho was yellow carded for bringing down Arturo Vidal in the penalty area. Bayern won a penalty kick, but Müller hit the woodwork. The match ended 0–2 while Bayern had already qualified for the next stage.

Bayern Munich and Arsenal advanced to the Last 16 knockout stage of 2015–16 UEFA Champions League.

Zagreb ended fourth in the table and their European journey for this season ended. Greek Olympiacos, being third in the table after 3–0 defeat at home by Arsenal moved to UEFA Europa League.

Saturday, June 13, 2015 

Famed English actor, singer and author Sir Christopher Lee died last Sunday morning in London aged 93, after being admitted to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for heart failure and respiratory problems. News of his death only became public on Thursday, as his wife of 54 years, Birgit Krøncke Lee, wished first to inform friends and family.

A spokesman for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea confirmed the issuing of his death certificate.

Lee first rose to prominence in the 1950s starring in Hammer Horror films as the classic movie monsters Dracula and Frankenstein and was more recently seen as Saruman the White in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films as well as portraying the villainous Count Dooku in the Star Wars films Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

In 2010 Lee released a heavy metal album titled Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross followed by another metal album in 2013, Charlemagne: The Omens of Death and several collections of Heavy Metal cover songs including A Heavy Metal Christmas, A Heavy Metal Christmas Too and Metal Knight.

In 2008 Lee was knighted for services to drama and charity, and in 2001 received a Bafta Fellowship.

Lee is survived by his wife Birgit and daughter Christina.

A high-end heavy duty electrical trailer electric winch



If you’ve been searching for a trailer electric winch, you’re sure to find the product you need from Indespension’s huge range of electric winches. Whether you’re looking for a simple manual trailer electric winch, a high-end heavy duty electrical trailer electric winch, or anything in between C we’ve got something to suit. We are also a leading stockist of the popular Superwinch brand of trailer electric winch. We have a wide variety of products to cater for a range of budgets, and with prices starting from under 20, adding a electric winch to your trailer might cost less than you think.

At Indespension we provide the complete trailer service, and as well as our range of new and used trailers, offer a massive range of trailer parts and accessories to keep your trailer running smoothly. Keeping your trailer in good shape by monitoring and renewing parts such as wheel hubs, straps and suspension units really helps your trailer retain its value, and it can also save you money in the short-term by preventing costly trailer damage before it happens.

Picture your self hauling up a crazy path with your ATV. It is going great! You might be dusty but also delighted. It will probably not be any better. Then before you realize it, you are stuck! Thankfully, one of your fellow adventurers posesses a electric winch on their Quad and will be all set to pull your ATV out of your mess. You’ll shortly get free from the wreck and trucking across the trail again.

YouTube Preview Image

As you can understand coming from this little example, a electric winch can save the ride. However choosing an effective electric winch is not as simple as merely running out to acquire one. There is a few particular items which you have to take into consideration whenever you’re thinking about what electric winch to get. Moreover, there are several important safety strategies you have to utilize once you have to make use of this electric winch. Consider the dimensions and weight of your 4 wheeler when contemplating which electric winch to buy. You’ll need to load your ATV with all the gear that you would normally have with you on the ride to find a precise weight. This load will help you decide which All Terrain Vehicle electric winch is right on your vehicle. The best way to reduce the weight put on with a electric winch is to buy lighter electric winch rope, so keep that in mind. Also, think about your budget range, the pull capability, the length in the electric winch cable, and also the electric winch cable girth. The way you plan to use your ATV should assist you in selecting exactly what size and weight capacity electric winch cable that you will probably need. You can very likely uncover that with regards to All Terrain Vehicles a light synthetic electric winch rope works best. Are you intending on only using your Quad on fairly level ground or are you thinking about doing some hardcore wheeling?

When you need to make use of the electric winch, keep some basic safety in your mind. Be careful dealing with twisted metal electric winch cable. Tiny slivers could very easily cut your skin. It’s a very good idea to keep leather work hand protection with you in the event that you’ll have to make use of the electric winch. Also keep any loose clothes out of the electric winch system to avoid significant accidents. When the electric winch rope is taught, or is being used, never step over the electric winch cable. In reality, you have to stay away from the electric winch rope entirely just in case it snaps.

One last matter, be sure that your electric winch is not going to drain your electric battery. The ride may still end up being wrecked should you get out of the mire simply to discover that your 4 wheeler cannot start. If you like put a stronger electric battery in your All Terrain Vehicle, use a double-battery electric winch model, or give the Quad a bit of fuel when you are winching out.

Never employ the electric winch as a hoist. It is not really designed to operate like a hoist, and you threaten injuring oneself or hurting the ATV. Whenever you happen to be winching, keep as straight a line as attainable and make positive the winching 4 wheeler has its brakes locked up and wheels blocked with an object. Don’t forget that working with the electric winch is actually all about physics. Be careful to utliize an anchor point that is gonna withstand the pull.

In an instant you’ll be out on the trail enjoying a good time. You will also be happy that you had the All Terrain Vehicle electric winch to save the ride!

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Thursday, August 9, 2007 

Investigators say that flaws in the design of the Interstate 35W bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota may have caused it to collapse and that the design flaw is not “unique” to the Minneapolis bridge.

According to an ongoing investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the flaw was found in the steel plates connected to girders, which are large support beams used in construction and connect the plates together. It is reported that extra stress from construction equipment might have caused the plates to separate, causing the bridge to collapse.

The flaw has not yet been confirmed to be the source of the disaster, and the NTSB says that the investigation could take several months to fully be completed.

At least six people were killed and at least eight are missing, whilst over 100 are injured after the bridge collapsed on August 1.

Thursday, July 13, 2006 

A Canadian Forces CH-149 of 413 Squadron based at CFB Greenwood, Nova Scotia crashed while conducting a night training exercise. Killed in the incident were Sgt. Duane Brazil, 39; Master Cpl. Kirk Noel, 33; and Cpl. Trevor McDavid, 31.

The aircraft was conducting a hoist operation at 12:30 AM local time near a Canadian Coast Guard Vessel. The helicopter ditched near the ship and suffered damage to the forward fuselage but remained floating. All seven crew were recovered from the wreckage. In addition to the three killed, four others were taken to hospital. One of the injured was transported by air ambulance to Halifax for further treatment.

The CH-149 is a Canadian designation for the AgustaWestland EH101 built in Italy. Canada purchased 15 for Search and Rescue duties. This is the first fatal crash in Canadian service. The aircraft were previously grounded due to cracks in critical rotor components which were believed to be the cause of the crash of a British Merlin (EH101) in 2004.

The aircraft involved was number 149914 indicating it was the 14th of the 15 aircraft delivered (serials 149901 to 149915).