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Submitted by: Aliza Enrique

As we know wristbands are becoming famous these days there is another feature added to make it more attractive. The attraction is the USB memory bands. This type of band binds or links fashion and function together which attracts the kids and adults to a great extent. These come in different appealing colors which make it as the giveaway gifts. This type of gift not only makes your friend to store your name but also all the necessary data with it. It is not necessary to take it in your bag or pocket. You can wear it on your wrist and go stylish. The memory space of these bands can be extended up to 16GB.


a.These types of wristbands are preferred by schools and institutions because USB are used to store their data into it. So the logo of the school or university is printed on these bands containing the USB.

.And with the help of these bands, we can make the education system more interesting and we can help kids do their works more efficiently and help them to implement the latest technology in their real life.

c.Even offices can use these custom USB bracelets with specific details such as sales report, magazines, presentation and others that are already been stored and can be distributed to the staffs.

d.This band is considered as a tool that is distributed during seminars, conferences, meets etc as a token of appreciation. And if these bands with their company logo promote their brand name among others.

e.When it comes to doctors or nurses, this band brings more benefit and efficiency to maintain the records of the patients in a smarter way. Yes. There is no need for them to carry big files or sheets which make them more stress to maintain it. By storing the reports in this USB band, they can easily carry complete information about the patients wherever they go.

f. There are companies looking for top graduates from top colleges. They organize job fair to meet the entire graduate who are looking out for jobs. So some companies to attract the seekers can even design these USB memory wristbands with their company logo embedded into it. These bands not only contain the logo but it can also contain the information relating to the type of job offered. It is cheap if the company purchases it in bulk and the cost is comparatively low than the advertisement you give in papers and magazines.

g.There are many people who carry laptops along with them during their travel. These laptops have a USB ports so the wristbands with the USB grab the attention of people to buy these wristbands.

h.It is even useful for the insurance and the real estate people who could store all the necessary information. Insurance people could store about their policies offered and other information while the real estate people could store all their properties listed in them, with pictures, forms, contact information, maps.

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