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By Trevor Richards

Wedding jewellery varies depending on what kind of ceremony it will be. Traditions and customs diverge depending on different countries, societies, and religions. No matter how different the wedding might be, the bride will always be wearing a special garment and unique jewellery that has meaning.

The style of the jewellery worn may also depend on the type of wedding that will be performed. There are many styles such as in a civil ceremony where it is held by a local judge or justice of the peace. The wedding might be an elopement instead where the couple impulsively decides that their love just cannot wait for all that formality. In this case, they may just go on their own to get married or just have the ceremony with a few chosen friends or even strangers.

There is even the military wedding. This is a more sober affair held at a military chapel. Whichever partner is in the military, will wear a military dress uniform. If it is the bride, the wedding jewellery will be more discrete than in a more traditional setting.

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The wedding that we always think of when we learn that someone is getting married is the time honored white wedding. This type of wedding dates back to Queen Victoria. She made it popular by wearing a white dress when she wed Prince Albert. Since that time, the white color has had a special meaning. It was meant to convey that the bride was pure which meant this would be her first lover. Those times are gone, and anyone that wants to have a traditional wedding will wear white if they wish.

Jewellery worn in an elopement might be less traditional than in a conventional white wedding, or even in a military wedding. A traditional white wedding might call for more elaborate pieces, depending on the gown worn. The good thing to consider is that the jewellery worn will have a special meaning to the bride and she can wear it again long after her wedding.

Wedding jewellery runs the gamut and can include earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Diamonds are usually the first thing that persons think of for this type of jewellery but pearls and sapphires have been worn. When we think of wedding jewellery, it can be a pearl necklace. Pearls have been traditionally thought of as having a symbol of chastity. The length can be worn according to taste. Although it can be very short or long it is usually best to have it somewhere in between to enhance the gown.

Earrings will stand out so it is important to choose wisely. It should not compete with the rest of your outfit. Studs or button earrings are usually the best way to go, for they will be discrete and still highlight the face and hairline. When wearing bracelets, you do not want to be making rattling noise as you walk by. Restraint is very important. No matter how beautiful the bracelet your aunt gave you, it must be tasteful and not compete with the rest of your outfit.

The old tradition to wear something blue dates back to England in the Victorian era. It was believed that if she wore something blue it would bring good luck to the bride. In ancient Rome, brides wore blue to represent love and faithfulness. Princess Diana wore blue sapphires in her wedding.

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